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BioArchLinux Repo

Aim to be the bioinformatics repository with more and newer packages


Current goal

  • Expansion of the users' awareness of this repository.

  • Include more popular packages for biologists.

  • Migrate about 50 packages from aur_build to lilac. [finished 06-11-2021]


Now sponsors are still needed to promote the net speed of this repository. The funding will be used to buy faster a VPS service and a domain name [done 27-12-2021]. But we still need donations.

Some undergraduate students can hold a National Students' Innovation Entrepreneurship Training Program in his/her university to win the funding for this project. starsareintherose can give help to the undergraduate, considering her previous national level NSIETP.


Todo List

All the todo list for this repository is fixed at Projects. For contributing to new packages, see packages todo list, the in progress column shows the packages which are needed to be fixed, and the todo list column contains the packages which are needed to build and update to this repository. For fixing the bugs, see the bug todo list, the issues reporting bugs will be moved to the todo column of this project.

Pull Request

For contributing to this repository, we would like to invite you as a member of this organization. About the details, see the English contribution guide or the Chinese contribution guide.


When you meet some difficulty in writing PKGBUILD, lilac.yaml and so on. There are two web pages that you could find help, one is and another is our discussions.

Periodical Flags

When almost all packages are uploaded and fixed, the periodical flags would help this community work better. Some potential flags will be listed on the discussions and users can comment on it. After merging some comments, the team can publish announcements on discussions to show the tasks plan.

Bug Reports & Package Request

For bug reports, just posts some issues with a detailed output log and give us detailed information of your working environment, we will fix it. It's almost the same as the request, give details about the packages information following the template.


If you would like to join us, try to contact starsareintherose. Better to introduce what you want to do in our organization.

Or you can communicate at IRC channel #bioarchlinux at Libera Chat.


Add the fllowing to the /etc/pacman.conf

Server =$arch

Then import GPG key

$ pacman-key --recv-keys B1F96021DB62254D
$ pacman-key --finger B1F96021DB62254D
$ pacman-key --lsign-key B1F96021DB62254D

License and Code of Conduct

License is AGPL version 3 and Code of Conduct is here.


Thanks go to lilydjwg, the creator of lilac, for her help on lilac. It's grateful for all the users for using this repository and supporting BioArchLinux.

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